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Home is the toughest waters on Earth. 

Xtaero Boats is passionate about building your boat to order for your cruising, fishing, charter or commercial needs.

Discover for yourself how much is packed into an Xtaero.  

Call or email and work directly with the builder.

These pictures show the internal structure of our hull, girders, self bailing deck, deep cockpit and 'hell for stout' construction.

All aluminum, all welded self-bailing decks withscuppers that go overboard and not into the bilge.

Twin 40 gallon below deck fish storage boxes on our 24' boat with an extra 25 gallon removalbe fish box in the aft cockpit.

We offer various transom configurations with walk-thru's, sinks, bait trays, wash down systems, generator storage, and more.

This image is the XT28DV hull designed for twin outboards.

"A ship in a harbor is safe, but that's not 

what ships are made for."~John Shedd

Welcome to Xtaero Boats!

Thank you for coming to our website.  Surely you came to learn about Xtaero Boats and we hope this website offers information to get you started on research.  Virtually every Xtaero Boat is built to order.    Currently we're offering aluminum boats in many configurations of 22, 24 and 28 with a 32+coming in the future.  All models are available in twin or single outboard of all the major engine brands.  If you are looking to have an Xtaero built for you the best way to initiate contact is by telephone or by contacting us directly through our web-form on the contact page.  Basic pricing information can be found on our Models & Gallery Page and Individual Models have their own page. Contact if you have questions and we look forward to hearing from you!  Happy Boating!

Xtaero Boats are made by hand in our specially outfitted factory and using advanced hull form technology.  Our focus is in-water performance measured qualitatively by smooth ride and handling in rough water along with crew comfort in ergonomics. 

Quantitatively we excel in fuel economy and low maintenance costs because of our hull form and spacial layout on the boat. 

Our customers continue to be our best form of advertising with a growing concentration of owners in Alaskan waters who are professional fishing captains, ships pilots and captains of commercial vessels.  Xtaero Boats are ideally suited for discriminating boaters who are looking for superior unique quality and rare-breed thinking. 

We offer significant quality advantages compared to traditional custom aluminum builders. The Xtaero hull design is proprietary in specifics but conventional in the sense that it's fully developed, meaning that using several software packages we are able to achieve a high level of accuracy on the intersecting complex curves that make hydrodynamics really work to the boats advantage.  This means designing the hull in 3D using curved vectoring instead of straight line vectoring.  Then, translating that to a 2D aluminum sheet, cutting that sheet and then forming those cut pieces into the complex curved and intersecting shapes. Taking the time to study and understand the boat is well worth it when considering an investment that will carry your family, get weathered hard in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska and still be a viable investment vehicle for the next owner years down the line.

Depreciation on your taxes during the purchase is one thing, but what about getting your cash back out of it in 10 to 15 years? Xtaero boats are built using the same philosophy and literally the same team that years ago created the Almar Sounders, the North River OS's and many custom boats for governments the world over. The videos you see of the boats performing well in the water are not modified, most of these videos are simply taken on an iPhone or Android device and uploaded when we have spare time. 

Our marketing philosophy is simple, "Build an incredible product and let it sell itself."

"The value is here" says all of our customers. We enjoy hearing those words, and we enjoy the feedback telling us that we are providing a far superior boat compared to many of our current high-end competitors and we're at a very reasonable cost and lead time for a custom build. For actual unedited customer reviews, click here.  

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Xtaero Boats offers many configurations.

Here are recent builds:

Why Xtaero?  Superior design and construction.   Our boat owners attest that their Xtaero Boats are 'Hell for stout!'