An example of why Xtaero Boats are being called "hell for stout" and why they are an investment instead of a 'purchase'.  Honestly, unless you hand it down to your kids, or unless you destroy it though gross neglect or accident, this boat will return your capital, plus more if you factor inflation.

The impossible requires the unthinkable. -Tom Robbins

The bitter taste of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price.  - Aldo Gucci


Xtaero features below deck fish boxes larger than other aluminum boats.

Competing aluminum boats from leading competitors do not offer large and removable fish boxes on a self bailing deck where deck water goes overboard.

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Various Videos Showing Aspects of the Boats

These pictures sent in from Xtaero Boat owners in June/July 2016.

Alaska State Flag

Building boats, to us, is a passion.  It pulls us up to the next set of advancements. With each delivery we have created something of immense value, for the industry, for our customer and for ourselves. Building boats is about contribution in every aspect, we love it and we love sharing it. Thanks for visiting.   -Travis Brandt, Founder Xtaero Boats

Welcome to Xtaero!  New information and details added and changed often.

Note: All boats are made to order.  

Long Cabin / Short Cabin

Forward Leaning / Aft Leaning Windshield

Single Outboard / Twin Outboard / Single w Kicker

Open Cabin Back / Closed Cabin Back

For Sale: XT24DV Long Cabin Single Outboard

For Sale: XT28DV (9'6" beam) now available for order and delivery.

For Sale: *XT22DV Raven Packages Now Available* Call for details.

Built Tough For Alaska.



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Home is the toughest waters on Earth. 

Welcome to Xtaero Boats where we manufacture rugged aluminum boats.  In just June of 2016 we have been told by buyers and prospects that our 'quality' and structure are:


   "Hell for stout"

   "Head and shoulders above any boat out there"

   "Ridiculously overbuilt"

We work daily to build the ultimate seaworthy aluminum vessel that will surprise the most discerning of boaters.

We specialize in fully welded self bailing decks, fully developed hulls, ergonomics, YOUR return on investment.

If our boats can withstand in Alaska and the Bering Sea, Arctic Ocean and Prince William Sound, they can withstand anywhere.

This translates into making an investment for your balance sheet, family, and in some cases livelihood. Don't take our word for any of this, see for yourself; 

Fly to one of our boats currently in Tacoma, WA, Homer, Alaska or Kodiak, Alaska and place an order and we'll pay your airfare for two coach tickets anywhere within North America, Alaska, Hawaii etc.