The Xtaero Hull Form is Fully Developed

"A ship in a harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are made for."~John Shedd

'cap tain'

     noun.  the person in charge of a ship, boat or team.

     verb.  to command, run, be in charge of, control and skipper.

Xtaero Aluminum Boats solves problems inherent in aluminum boats.

1. An Xtaero can go out in poor weather conditions where other boats are required to remain tied at the dock.

Weather causes a lot of problems in planning, missed opportunities, and life threatening risks when it changes suddenly. 

Xtaero Boats are engineered, designed and manufactured to be comfortable and safe in less than ideal conditions.  In fact, we have proven time and again that the Xtaero platform can outperform much larger vessels that cost a great deal more.

You can simply go out on more days, stay longer and get back more safely than you can with any other boat in this class.

2. The Xtaero does not vibrate, rattle or hammer like other boats.

The Xtaero's design eliminates prevalent high pitch vibration, pounding in choppy waves and unnerving lack of hydrodynamic stability found in every 'production' boat hull on the market in this class. 

Most aluminum boats are cheaply built by companies that hold financial profit as their highest goal. This means cheap components, less welding, less aluminum material, less structural support and absolutely no naval architectural design. Sadly boat buyers are sold an aluminum tub with a brand name, there simply was not a 'comparable better product' until now.  You owe it to yourself and loved ones to ride an Xtaero before committing your hard earned money and life to another boat.  Xtaero cares about you, your family and we put our life into the design and safety, of you and yours.

3. Livability, visibility and ergonomics: Other aluminum boats do not allow you to stand fully upright at the helm, nor do they offer visibility when standing upright anywhere in the cabin.  Also when the boat is moving around going fast in big waves no other boat allows passengers to move around.  They are pinned down, without visibility and that is no way to live on a boat.  The Xtaero's placement of galley, handrails, overhead rails, radio, gauges, steering, throttle, etc. is specifically designed for livability and usability in the truly stressful conditions of long treks in rough water.

Word of mouth is our best advertising.  Each Xtaero Aluminum Boat is finished to order with single or twin outboards, various cabin configurations and many possible options.

     "The Xtaero 24’ can accommodate more people in much greater comfort in marginal weather than any similar production boat I’m aware of." ~Josh Weston, Unlimited Tonnage Captain with 20 years experience on the water in rough conditions every day and Xtaero Owner.

    "The seaworthiness of this boat is particularly noteworthy for a 24' boat as it acts more like a 30' boat, cruising easily in light chop at 27kts burning 2.1mpg's. We've made several 100+nm trips comfortably including one to the Barren Islands in the Gulf of Alaska." ~Peter Garay, Unlimited Tonnage Captain with 30 years experience in the Arctic Ocean, Gulf of Alaska, and Xtaero Owner

    "As a 22' it acts more like a 26' or 28' in the type of seas we go out in. We get very windy chop here, massive current swings that really crank up the water and we like to go 30 to 60nm round trip between fishing spots and port. The ride in rough seas is incredible." ~Douglas Frick, Xtaero Owner Kodiak Alaska

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