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Home is the toughest waters on Earth. 

Xtaero Boats will build your dream machine for fishing, cruising exploring and commercial aspirations.  Press in to your exotic boating needs and let us deliver for you.

Call or email today and get ahead of the year and season.  Preparation is more than half of success.

This image is the XT28DV hull designed for twin outboards.

"A ship in a harbor is safe, but that's not 

what ships are made for."~John Shedd

Welcome to Xtaero Boats!

Xtaeros are elegant and rugged high performance vessels built for the discerning sea going soul.   We believe in creating a vessel capable of delivering the ultimate seamanship experience for decades on each hull.  Whatever your need is for being on the water, you will always need safety and security, comfort and reliability.  You need to come back to shore. 

Happily our customers will tell you plainly that Xtaero is the real deal for boating year round in Alaska or the Pacific Northwest.  Xtaero is a quality and integrity idea leader founded on the rugged hunting and fishing grounds of deep water. Xtaeros namesake, the Raven, are extremely intelligent, extremely capable around the waters of the Pacific Northwest and they mate monogamously for life. Xtaero is that ultimate vessel.

We know that to be the best isn't good enough, we persist in the striving for excellence.  Our marketing philosophy is simple, "Build an incredible product and let it sell itself."

Xtaero Boats are made by hand in our specially outfitted factory using advanced hull form technology.   Xtaero boats possess significant quality advantages over traditional custom aluminum builds.

The Xtaero hull design is proprietary in shape and hydrodynamics and assembled using extremely precise construction methods compared to other jigging systems. The design method used to develop the Xtaero hull achieves a high level of accuracy in intersecting complex curves that make a significant difference in the hydrodynamics of the hull.  Designing the hull in 3D using curved vectoring instead of straight line vectoring means that typical off-the shelf software lacks the bandwidth to compute all the necessary shapes.  Our fully developed steel female jigging system is much more complete than typical 'jigs' used in common aluminum boats.  As a future high end boat owner it will be well worth your time to study and understand the boat as it relates to this inherent value, especially when considering the safety and financial investments of a purchase such as this.

Being on the boat is peaceful and secure because of the way it handles rough water.  Our customers tell us that even at anchor in rough water the boat is stable and comfortable.

The videos you see of the boats performing well in the water are not modified, most of these videos are simply taken on an iPhone or Android device and uploaded when we have spare time. 

Again, our marketing philosophy is simple, "Build an incredible product and let it sell itself."

"The value is here" says each of our customers.  We enjoy hearing those words and we enjoy the feedback telling us that we provide a far superior boat compared to many of our current high-end competitors. 

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Xtaero Boats offers many configurations.

Here are recent builds

Quality aluminum boats with superior design and construction.  

100% of our boat owners attest that their Xtaero Boats are 'Hell For Stout!'

These pictures show the internal structure of our hull, girders, self bailing deck, deep cockpit and 'hell for stout' construction.

All aluminum, all welded self-bailing decks withscuppers that go overboard and not into the bilge.

Twin 40 gallon below deck fish storage boxes on our 24' boat with an extra 25 gallon removalbe fish box in the aft cockpit.

We offer various transom configurations with walk-thru's, sinks, bait trays, wash down systems, generator storage, and more.