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Home is the toughest waters on Earth. 

Xtaero Boats is passionate about building your boat to order for your cruising, fishing, charter or commercial needs.

Discover for yourself how much is packed into an Xtaero.  

Call or email and work directly with the builder.

These pictures show the internal structure of our hull, girders, self bailing deck, deep cockpit and 'hell for stout' construction.

This image is the XT28DV hull designed for twin outboards.

"A ship in a harbor is safe, but that's not 

what ships are made for."~John Shedd

Welcome to Xtaero Boats

SOLD: New! Completed XT24DV Long Cabin w/Suzuki 300 (Homer, AK)

SOLD: XT24DV Long Cabin w/Cruising Interior w/Yamaha 300 (June Delivery) (Petersburg, AK)

Available: XT24DV Long Cabin w/Cruising Interior (July Delivery)

Also available are 22 and 28x9'6" models.   Contact us to review your options.

Package Includes

Motor / Electronics / Trailer / 100% Rigged / Shipping

Suzuki or Yamaha Power

Xtaero Boats are hand made focusing on elegance, comfort and sea keeping.  Designed to offer exceptional value in performance and usability you will immediately notice pleasing cabin layout, fuel economy through the efficiently developed hull and precise balance and architecture.

Most notably are a smooth ride in rough water, exceptional drifting in the side-to-side roll in the trough and deep welded self bailing decks with 6'4" headroom at the helm.

If you are a family looking for an adventure boat or a charter captain looking for a money maker look no further.

1. You will be on the water more days than any competing boat.  When it's rough out there you can still often enjoy the day, even more so, when the other boats have to remain docked because they can't handle the weather.  Whether you are scheduling outings around your busy family's schedule or your charter clients advanced travel plans, the Xtaero will absolutely deliver tangible hour by hour and day by day value, and will keep on doing it for many years.

2. Xtaero's are industrial quality lasting much longer on your balance sheet with lower operating costs and higher resale value compared to lighter and less expensive competitors.  Xtaero boats are investment quality and are generally sold, built and delivered to order.  

3. Hull is a constant modified dead rise with a variable width chine flat where the chine and dead rise work together for excellent shallow water capabilities in rivers and lakes but also deliver rough water capabilities that rival much larger boats.  We can't emphasize enough how much the Xtaero ride makes a significantly positive impression on everyone who has ever experienced an Xtaero.

4. Our unique manufacturing techniques allow for a magnitude greater amount of rugged structure in a fraction of the time, this means only a modest price difference over our competitors. Manufacturing these style hulls has been perfected over the years and requires almost no stress on the aluminum when being formed.  Reinforced girders, frames and a breast hook are obvious in sight when examining the boat and obvious when you'e in big water.  Each hull has been hailed by her owner as 'hell for stout' and our clients are certifiably some of the saltiest captains in the world.

All decks are welded, self bailing and sloped downward. Five scuppers drain overboard, not into bilge or any internal reservoir.

The cockpit contains below deck fish storage of, depending on the boat, 25gal, 105gal or 160gal. Consider a 55gal drum to imagine how much fish storage this is.  The deep cockpit is secure, walk-into the cabin on the same level standing up and command the boat behind our true stand-up helm (there's 6'4" headroom at the helm).   You won't slam your head into the top of the door trying to duck into the cabin.

Xtaero exceeds all ABYC and NMMA manufacturing guidelines. All tinned wire with heat shrink and adhesive connections. We use top of the line marine only Blue Sea electrical panels, switches, fuses and bus bars.

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Travis Brandt, President
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Xtaero Boats is an aluminum boat builder offering a variety of boats.

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Why Xtaero?  Superior design and construction. 

Our boat owners attest that their Xtaero Boat is 'Hell for stout!'

Don't settle for a sluggish performing tub of a boat that sloshes around the trough and hammers you over the waves. Xtaero is purpose built to be 'the best boat you've ever been on in the ocean.' These words spoken by a proud owner of one of these hulls.

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