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Home is the toughest waters on Earth. 

Choose between an XT22DV, XT24DV and XT28DV and you'll have a better cabin and better cockpit.  Moreover the Xtaero is a far better value, as stated by 100% of our customers.  Don't take our word for it, check it out.  If you come to one of our boats and place an order, we will reimburse coach airfare for two adults anywhere in North America. 

You haven't lived until you experience an Xtaero, it is something of immense value that you will pass on to your heirs. 

"A ship in a harbor is safe, but that's not 

what ships are made for."~John Shedd

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Homer, AK

Xtaero Boats are hand made in Tacoma, WA with a focus on seamanship and a long life on rough water.

Using old-school work ethic and advanced design technology, specially designed jigs allow precise honing of the keel and hull shape. All XT models of Xtaero Boats use a proprietary 'variable width chine flat' resulting in dramatically superior performance in rough water.

Xtaero's hull shape provides paramount stability while fishing in the trough, fuel efficiency for long trip legs, and smooth cruising through rough chop.  Xtaero boats don't 'pound and hammer' like other aluminum boats.  You must experience this to believe it!

Xtaero boats have very little draft and make excellent river and lake boats, as well being designed for near-offshore cruising. Example the 16" draft on the Xtaero XT24DV.

Xtaero believes in structure, ease of maintenance and superior off-shore usability mentality.   All Xtaero decks are aluminum, sloped down and back, are fully welded and self bailing overboard. 

Below, these pictures show Xtaeros deck structure, removable fish boxes, the 24 has 105 gallons of fish box storage below deck. integrated gutter/scupper system and deep square cockpit walls with abundant storage compartments.   Compare this to any competitors deck and under-deck structure. Some companies sell plywood with a plastic coating and zero accommodation for water on the decks.  Their decks do not self bail overboard, they have zero or small below deck fish storage capacity, and their internal gunwale walls are not squared off with three sides of foot wells to comforably work overboard.  The Xtaero is designed by offshore seasoned sailors to perform in the roughest locations on Earth.  

Xtaero may have failed in labeling the boat as a 24 because you will pay for 29' of dock when you moor with your engine up, and 27' when engine down. Making our XT24DV a serious competitor to many 28' boats in the marketplace.

The Xtaero girder and frame structure is what makes all of this possible.  Our customers call it 'Hell for stout' 

When you compare the value of an Xtaero to any boat out there, it will be clear that pound-for-pound the Xtaero will return extremely high value short and long term.  Don't buy a cheap or fancy aluminum boat and waste your money. Invest in an Xtaero and pass it on to your heirs after a long and happy life with it.  The Xtaero will just be getting broken it.  

Xtaero is the real deal in making boats for the serious captain. We build to suite, and we have capacity to build your dream boat.  Contact us directly to learn more.


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​​Many boats being sold for over $100,000 have plywood decks, they don't have stand-up helms, no overboard scuppers, no large fish boxes, the ride is not that great and they depreciate rapidly over time, because they are not as structurally sound.  

Below are two examples of poorly built boats: 

Left is a 28' factory new boat with plywood deck. It's a 'name brand' but has no scuppers going overboard and tiny fish box below deck. This boat sells for over $100,000 and is 4' longer than the Xtaero XT24DV but the Xtaero has more deck space and will return your investment dollars to you long after this boat is recycled.

Right is a 30' boat being refitted with new foam that is taking up all the below deck space.  There is one small fish box in the back of the cockpit.  Notice the dramatically outboard leaning gunwales in order to inflate the beam dimension, this obtuse angle is extremely hard to fish because when the boat leans just a little bit the gunwale falls away from you making it hard to keep your balance. The Xtaero has specially made gunwale assemblies that provide storage, support and far superior comfort no matter what you use the boat for. 

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