This three part boat review was made in Seward Alaska between Hive Island and Rugged Island.  Peter Garay ordered his Xtaero long cabin sight unseen.  Peter is one of the top ship pilots in the industry with decades underway as a captain in Alaska, Bering Sea, the Arctic Ocean and Gulf of Alaska.  We are honored to receive such a testimonial. 

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SOLD:(above) XT24DV Twin Configuration with extended bottom plates. Home port Stockton, California


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This video is the Xtaero Corax.

Available in 20'8" and 22'

Xtaero boats is an aluminum boat manufacturer with advanced hull form technology.  The Xtaero hull design is proprietary in shape and hydrodynamics.  To achieve the unique hull shape our factory includes an engineered steel tooling jig anchored in concrete.  The one of a kind forming process has significant advantages over traditional custom aluminum builds. 

Each aluminum part precisely interlocks with adjacent parts, in fact each piece of the Xtaero is designed using curved vectoring instead of straight line vectoring, this is noteworthy because curved vectoring allows the flat surface of the aluminum sheet to be formed into complex shapes and the end result is a hull form with development very similar to fiberglass hull forms. 

The Xtaero is the perfect performance hull shape, made from aluminum.

Because of this, Xtaeros are capable of, and known for, smooth ride at high speeds in rough water.  The overall vessel design provides ergonomic comfort because space is simple and elegant.  One of the most notable features is the 360 degree visibility from everywhere with no ducking, and there is no ducking or crouching required to get in and out of the cabin.  The welded self bailing decks, stable side to side stability when floating in the trough and rugged welded construction make the Xtaero a unique high quality and high performance boat.

Please note that the videos you see of Xtaeros performing well in the water are not modified, most are simply taken on an iPhone or Android device and uploaded when we have spare time.  Our marketing philosophy is simple, "Build an incredible product and let it sell itself."

"The value is here" says each of our customers.  

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nother Xtaero owned by Josh Weston in Homer Alaska. 

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New: 28' & 32' Xtaeros available to build.

New: Jet sleds and runabouts now available.

2018 CORAX 21'

2018 CORAX 21'  
2018 CORAX 21' 
2018 XT24DV Long Cabin w/Twin Outboards  (Available May 2018)
2018 Build Slot XT24DV Long Cabin  (June 2018)
2018 Build Slot XT24DV Long Cabin  (July 2018)

SOLD  XT24DV Long Deck w Suzuki 300 (delivered)

SOLD  XT24DV Long Cabin Fishing w Suzuki 250  (delivered)

SOLD  XT24DV Long Cabin Fishing w Suzuki 300  (delivered)

SOLD  XT24DV  Cruising w Yamaha 300  (delivered)

SOLD  XT24DV Cruising w Suzuki 300* Stand Up Head (sea trials)

SOLD  XT24DV Long Cabin w/Twin Outboards & Stand Up Head  (Finishing)


The Xtaero Hull Form is Fully Developed

"A ship in a harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are made for."~John Shedd

'cap tain'

     noun.  the person in charge of a ship, aircraft, team

     verb.  command, run, be in charge of, control, govern.... skipper

Xtaero Aluminum Boats offers the ultimate sport utility boat on the water.  Xtaero engineering and construction is being called "hell for stout" by the professionals who own them.  Not surprisingly word of mouth is our best advertising.  Each Xtaero Aluminum Boat is finished to order with single or twin outboards, various cabin configurations and many possible options. We've received the praise 'Xtaero Boats are the real deal' unanimously from our owner network."

SOLD:(above)Xtaero Aluminum Boats

XT24DV With Stand Up Head

Home port Valdez, Alaska

The Xtaero Aluminum Boats internal structure is being called 'hell for stout' by our Alaskan commercial vessel operator owners.  Xtaero has arrived at this reputation because each Xtaero XT24DV starts as a fully designed 3D model using curved vectoring software that allows us to convert over 5,000 pounds of raw aluminum sheets into approximately 200 precise interlocking parts thus creating the strongest aluminum small vessel structure in this class of vessel.  Bottoms, chines and transom are 1/4" thick 5086H116 alloy and generally the sides are 3/16" thick 5053H32 alloy.  Variations can be ordered.

The Xtaero design takes into account massive forces of energy caused when the boats weight impacts waves.  The interlocking design inherently limits vibration throughout the boat which in turn makes it smoother, quieter and improves the longevity of the structure for decades to come.   The method of construction and the hull shape and balance have each of our customers saying the boat 'acts like a much bigger boat' in the water.  This refers to handling in waves and around corners, drifting in the trough, dryness on the windshield on deck, and speed of the vessel through choppy water.  Frankly our customers are our best salespeople.

Being 'hell for stout' Xtaero boats are welded solid (without stitching) everywhere that matters, especially strakes and hull stiffeners and for good reason.  A well engineered structure properly assembled and properly welded takes into account metal stretching when it bends on the brake press (called elongation).  This 'old school' style of construction dramatically lowers vibration and noise as well thermal buckling between welds (aluminum expands and contracts naturally with temperature variation and extrusions and different alloys expand and contract at different rates).

Xtaeros reputation as 'hell for stout' is rooted in our total quality philosophy.  Top to bottom, front to back, every wire, every hose clamp and every detail is strategic towards 'hell for stout'.

These pictures show the substantial structure and detail that gives the Xtaero aluminum boat its superior reputation.


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