Xtaero Boats builds the ultimate sport utility vehicle on the water.  Our owners have called our boats  'Brave' and 'Built Hell for Stout' and 'Amazing'.

Each of our owners has provided outstanding feedback that their Xtaero is an incredible boat.  

Why? Because the Xtaero hullform is fully developed by naval architecture principles using 20+ years of experience doing little else than designing, building, testing and improving.   Xtaero builds the ultimate boat and delivers the ultimate boat.

You can also call Travis at 907.342.2141 or email: akinfo@xtaeroboats.com

Xtaero Aluminum Boats believes in challenging the status quo.  In everything we do, we believe in thinking differently and creating the most forward imaginative vessels possible.  We focus on beauty, ruggedness, sea-kindliness, and legendary performance. 

Xtaero Aluminum Boats leads through innovation and design.  We build and deliver outstanding vessels to discriminating owners who live at the leading-edge, in remote areas, where life depends on total reliability on the boat. 

Word of mouth is our best advertising.  Each Xtaero Aluminum Boat is finished to order with single or twin outboards, various cabin configurations and many possible options.

     "The Xtaero 24’ can accommodate more people in much greater comfort in marginal weather than any similar production boat I’m aware of." ~Josh Weston, Unlimited Tonnage Captain with 20 years experience on the water in rough conditions every day and Xtaero Owner.

    "The seaworthiness of this boat is particularly noteworthy for a 24' boat as it acts more like a 30' boat, cruising easily in light chop at 27kts burning 2.1mpg's. We've made several 100+nm trips comfortably including one to the Barren Islands in the Gulf of Alaska." ~Peter Garay, Unlimited Tonnage Captain with 30 years experience in the Arctic Ocean, Gulf of Alaska, and Xtaero Owner

    "As a 22' it acts more like a 26' or 28' in the type of seas we go out in. We get very windy chop here, massive current swings that really crank up the water and we like to go 30 to 60nm round trip between fishing spots and port. The ride in rough seas is incredible." ~Douglas Frick, Xtaero Owner Kodiak Alaska

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Xtaero Aluminum Boats Homer Alaska

Xtaero Boats is dedicated to building the ultimate aluminum boat in Alaska. This trip from Anchorage to Homer was in March, without equivocation cruised down Cook Inlet after being craned into the ice filled water, in 5hrs and 26mins on less than 75 gallons of gas.

Xtaero Aluminum Boats Valdez Alaska

Welcome!  Xtaero Manufactures Aluminum Boats for Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Saltwater Fishing \ Exploring \ Adventure 

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To learn more please contact us using this form. We keep all of your information private. 

Xtaero Quality, example of an XTAERO XT24DV BOAT FEATURES

  • Self bailing deck, all welded is standard
  • Optional: 105 Gallons of below deck fish storage
  • Standard: 32" tall square gunwales enhancing fishability
  • Standard: O-ring sealed battery compartment with up to five batteries (batteries according to electrical plan)
  • Optional: Generator locker on most models
  • Optional: Transom sink can be configured as live well or fish storage
  • Optional: Stand up head or cuddy head, or no head
  • Standard: All welded aluminum and rails
  • Standard: Stand up HELM with great visibility
  • Standard: Walk upright into cabin without ducking
  • Standard: Be in the cabin with 360 degree visibility
  • Standard: Reverse chine
  • Standard: Control lifting strakes
  • Standard: 20 degree dead rise at transom
  • OPTIONS ABOUND. Contact us to discuss your boat.

Aluminum Boats Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and CA

One of the aluminum boats we have for sale in Alaska

Made in USA

Tacoma, WA

Home is the toughest waters on Earth. 

Xtaero Welded Boat, Self bailing deck.

Welded floor, welded hatches, welded structure. 

"Hell For Stout"

Aluminum Boats in Alaska Port Kodiak Alaska


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Xtaero Aluminum Boat 24 Homer Alaska
One of the aluminum boats we have for sale in Alaska
Xtaero Aluminum Boat Petersburg Alaska