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Home is the toughest waters on Earth. 

Xtaero Boats is accepting applications for the following positions.

Welder (aluminum MIG, wire feed)

  Responsible to produce boat show quality welds on aluminum seams.

Rigger II and/or Rigger-Outfitter Manufacturing Technician

  Responsible to install systems into the new vessels.  Mechanical aptitude with 12v wiring, plumbing, interiors.

Manufacturing Coordinator

  Responsible for planning and coordinating timeline of each build, coordinating with vendors and employees.

Xtaero Boats offers competitive pay bi-weekly with direct deposit.  In addition to regular pay, Xtaero pays bonuses based on production and company performance.  We are expanding rapidly to offer stock options to all employees.

If you are interested in working for Xtaero Boats, get started by emailing a cover letter and resume to accounting@xtaeroboats.com and someone will contact you for an interview.

  • Paid holidays (Seven annually)
  • Bonuses based on meeting schedules and deadlines
  • Periodic company incentives
  • Industry recognition
  • A growing high profile company with many customers in Alaska

Xtaero Boats Careers

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