Home is the toughest waters on Earth. 

Superior in water performance creating the top brand in aluminum boats

We are committed to building the best performing and highest quality boat in welded aluminum boats.

What We Offer

The Xtaero team is a group of experienced boat builders with many years of boat building experience in custom and production aluminum boats.  

Our years of experience totals well over 150 when resume's of each team member are included.  Most of us are military veterans from US Coast Guard, Navy, Army and Air Force. We've had a few Marines and we don't discriminate, we just don't have one on the team currently.

We walk the walk.  Prospective customers sometimes come to our shop and see our product, more often they buy based on reputation and design.  Often looking someone in the eye and getting a feel for how someone operates is a good way to choose a builder.  If you come visit our shop or ride on one of our boats you will see immediately that our way of thinking is quality, integrity and seaworthiness.  You will not be disappointed. 

The name Xtaero, pronounced 'ext-aero' represents the exceptional offshore fishing abilities of the common Raven.  Ravens are recognized in every corner of the world for their ability to survive over water by scavenging for food and shelter in the most extreme environments.

Xtaero Boats are near shore and offshore fishing boats that are designed and constructed to deliver superior seaworthiness, long term asset value and to over time dominate the fresh and saltwater fishing boats field.

Xtaero Boats

Manufacturer Sport Fishing Boats  Company

Quality Leads The Field

Xtaero boats generally exceed government, law enforcement and search and rescue bid specs, and we adhere to mention ABYC or NMMA recommendations.


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Tacoma, WA

Made in USA

Tacoma, WA