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Each hull can accommodate a variety of custom transoms.

Updated October 2017  Prices can be customized to provide a bare boat up to a complete package and many custom options. Call to ask about your needs.

We are currently only offering the XT24DV because that has been by far our best selling boat and the economy's of scale make it the best value.  We will build the other models on a case-by-case basis using the approximate pricing model below.  Contact us to see about building your Xtaero!

MODEL                               Approx. Weight                   Beam               LOA       Price  Ranges (

(SO) XT22DV                      4,500lbs to 5,500lbs               8’6”                 27’          Range     $95,000 to $170,000
NEW  XT24DV TWIN           5,500lbs to 7,400lbs               8’6”                 29’          Range   $190,000 to $280,000
(SO) XT28DV                      9,500lbs to 12,500lbs             9’6”                 31’          Range   $210,000 to $290,000

(SO) XT30DV .                   coming soon.                         10'6"                 34'          Range   $300,000 to $400,000

(SO) XT32DV .                   coming soon.                         10'6"                 34'          Range   $340,000 to $450,000

Weights vary by options and liquid load. Weights shown here are approximate.

On all of the pilothouse boats the height on trailer from ground to top of radar dome is less than or equal to 10’5” on the Karavan or TuffTrailer.

Choose Open or Closed Cabin Back

Some recent items include the supply and installation of heavy grade crab pot pullers, electric down riggers, various water pumps, storage gear, brackets, tow bits, beaching plates, gas/fuel & water tanks, and much more.

Don't hesitate to ask as we take pride in solving many problems!

All boats are available in two windshield styles.  Choose forward (F) or aft (A) leaning windshield.

The above choices are the basics in orienting your boat.  Contact us to discuss other possible options such as paint or no paint, electronics, trailer, shipping or just to discuss customization you may want. 

All boats can be Single or Twin Outboard

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