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Updated May 2018.  Our prices have wide ranges because of the level of customization in our ability to serve our customers with semi-custom production.

We are working on a complete pricing matrix, however the general configurations available are:

  • Forward or Aft Leaning Windshield
  • Cruising or fishing cabin configuration or combination
  • Long cabin or Long Deck (two different head configurations)
  • Single or Twin Outboard
  • Open or closed cabin back
  • Mil or Painted finish (Mil is bare aluminum)
  • Custom paint patterns such as cuddy, cabin, exterior, bottom paint, etc.

If you are interested in having a boat build for you, call us and we will be delighted to assist in selecting the right combination of details to make your boat perfect for you.

*as of May 4, 2018 we have an XT24DV Long Cabin in production that is primed and ready for sale and delivery. 

MODEL                               Approx. Weight                   Beam            LOA       Price  Ranges

Corax Skiff                            900lbs                                  74"                  23'              $- (see page for details)

XT22DV Raven                   4,500lbs to 5,500lbs               8’6”                 27’          Range     $79,000 to $170,000
XT24DV Single or TWIN      5,500lbs to 7,400lbs               8’6”                 29’          Range   $150,000 to $280,000
XT28DV                              9,500lbs to 12,500lbs             9’6”                  31’          Range   $190,000 to $290,000

(2019) XT30DV                   coming soon.                         10'6"                 34'          Range   $250,000 to $400,000

(2019) XT32DV .                 coming soon.                         10'6"                 34'          Range   $260,000 to $450,000

Weights vary by options and liquid load.

Weights shown here are approximate.

On all of the pilothouse boats the height on trailer from ground to top of radar dome is less than or equal to 11’5” on a Karavan or TuffTrailer.

All information on this site is general and you should ask specific questions about your specific boat.

All boats can be constructed with Open or Closed Cabin Back

Painting an aluminum boat keeps it very cool in the sun.  If you will be boating outside of the often cool Pacific Northwest we highly recommend paint on the cabin and upper hull.  This includes the roof top, and several paint patterns are available. 

The 'top of the line' or 'fully rigged' is usually a painted exterior with fully painted and customized interior. This is for the person who wants rugged but also wants the boat to be comfortable for family members and significant others.  Below these pictures show various exterior finishes.  Color stripes can be added to any of the boats for very reasonable dollars.


(Several boats build pictures)

The above choices are the basics in orienting your boat.  Contact us to discuss other possible options.

All boats can be Single or Twin Outboard