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The next step up from the original Xtaero brings another dimension.  is to paint the interior of the cabin and since this is a fairly involved process the price jumps a bit.  Because of the pricing jumping into a new category, the customers tend to like the custom bolstering Bentley seats and suspension pedestals and upgraded electronics.

Other common options include aft steering helms, winches, pot pullers, dinettes, galley, fresh water systems, was down pumps, heads, accent lighting, AM/FM Stereo with SiriusXM, and much more.

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Updated March 2018.  Our prices have wide ranges because of the level of customization. If you are interested in having a boat build for you, call us and we will be delighted to assist in selecting the right combination of details to make your boat perfect for you.

Our current focus is the XT24DV long cabin with single or twin outboards.  Contact us to see about building your Xtaero!

MODEL                               Approx. Weight                   Beam            LOA       Price  Ranges

Corax Skiff                            900lbs                                  74"                  23'              $- (see page for details)

XT22DV Raven                   4,500lbs to 5,500lbs               8’6”                 27’          Range     $79,000 to $170,000
XT24DV TWIN                    5,500lbs to 7,400lbs               8’6”                 29’          Range   $150,000 to $280,000
(Q2 - 2018) XT28DV          9,500lbs to 12,500lbs             9’6”                  31’          Range   $190,000 to $290,000

(2019) XT30DV                  coming soon.                         10'6"                 34'          Range   $250,000 to $400,000

(2019) XT32DV .                coming soon.                         10'6"                 34'          Range   $260,000 to $450,000

Weights vary by options and liquid load. Weights shown here are approximate.

On all of the pilothouse boats the height on trailer from ground to top of radar dome is less than or equal to 10’5” on the Karavan or TuffTrailer.

All boats can be constructed with Open or Closed Cabin Back

Xtaero Aluminum Boat Individual Model Pages

The 'top of the line' or 'fully rigged' is usually a painted exterior with fully painted and customized interior. This is for the person who wants rugged but also wants the boat to be comfortable for family members and significant others.  Below these pictures show various exterior finishes.  Color stripes can be added to any of the boats for very reasonable dollars.

The 'Original Xtaero Raven' is the most perfect fishing boat ever made, in our opinion.  A 22' with a Suzuki DF140 outboard and Garmin ChartPloter.   This boat is in service in Cook Inlet Alaska and frequently travels 100miles in search of clams, crab, halibut and salmon. The current owner bought it used several years ago and has since become a huge Xtaero enthusiast.   Price as equipped: $79,995 (call for details)

Xtaero Boats are semi custom aluminum boats manufactured to be 'hell for stout' as described by our owners in Alaska.  As a unique and qualified group they individually know the extreme demands of rough water, rocky shorelines, cold winters and scarce support. 

Alaska requires a serious focus on ruggedness for a boat to survive more than a couple years.  Xtaero offers substantial value in our design and fabrication techniques.  Everyone who inspects and Xtaero says the same thing, "these boats are overbuilt."   We believe in complete integration of the space and function of the boat to be not only a stable and seaworthy vessel but to be functional as a tool and ergonomic as a home and work place that is traveling at speed in less than ideal conditions.  For example, the hand rails are welded, the decks are all welded and self bailing overboard, fully welded side rub rails, fully welded strakes, fully welded cabin structure, dash, gunwales, cleats, steps and even thru hulls are cast aluminum welded instead of plastic or stainless. Also the transducer bracket is an exterior welded bracket eliminating stainless thru hulls, the zinc bracket is fully welded and the trim tabs and even the drain plug are all welded.  This unmatched structure and attention to detail coupled with a tall and spacious cabin configuration provides significant investment advantages over any other vessel available.   We customize the outboard configurations, bow winches, pot pullers, down riggers, galley, dinettes, seating, heads, heaters, stoves, refrigerators,  and more.  If you have something in mind, contact us and will help you talk through the possibilities.

This level of customization makes it difficult to list prices because no two boats are the same.  However below are the basic categories. 

The above choices are the basics in orienting your boat.  Contact us to discuss other possible options.

All boats can be Single or Twin Outboard