Home is the toughest waters on Earth. 

HOMER ALASKA DEMO BOAT 'ENO' owned by Peter Garay

Enos' are very social and everyone who meets them are automatically their friend. They have fun-loving personalities that make everyone want to hang out with them. They care about family life and make family their first priority, they are the type of people who want to make a difference in the world, and do so through their personality.They are usually musically inclined and use it to express themselves.

(907) 342-2141

Made in USA

Tacoma, WA

ENO was ordered via a specifcations sheet and on progress payments.

Current production times are running 25-30 weeks from order to completion.

To order a similar vessel contact Travis at 907.342.2141 or send an email to akinfo@xtaeroboats.com