Self bailing decks are an important feature in Alaska and offshore.  The Xtaero decks are aluminum and welded solid.  The center section allows access to the gas tank and the lids provide access to sealed fish boxes, usually with macerator pumps plumbed overboard.

Superior design and construction results in a superior boat for a long hard life.  This style of design and construction creates an incredibly strong structure compared with anything on the market.

Most Xtaero hulls are made using .250" (1/4") thick special aluminum alloy of 5086H116 that is extremely hard and resistant to chemicals especially salt water. 

Our advanced material handling and information systems allows us to build several versions each of the 22’ and 24’ boats back to back with very little inefficiency.

  •  Single or twin outboards.
  •  Forward or aft leaning windshield.
  •  Fully closed cabin back or open back.
  •  Full transom or bait/workstation transom.

The Xtaero factory is specially designed for LEAN and Six Sigma philosophies in rapid and accurate manufacturing techniques. This keeps our quality high and overhead low. 

Our organization and attention to detail allow us to build a dramatically better boat for the same cost as competing ‘purely custom' aluminum boat fabricators.

It takes 10-20 days to build the aluminum structure and we are working to improve that.  Customers order with a deposit and two or three payments during the construction then the vessel is commissioned and delivered.

We would love the opportunity to work with you on a boat. 

Contact us directly at 907.342.2141 or email

Reinforced Roof Structure

Xtaero Aluminum Boats are lofted in a proprietary steel jigging system that allows sheets of aluminum 5086H116 alloy to be formed in two directions resulting in a hull shape usually only possible in fiberglass hulls. 

Aluminum is much tougher than fiberglass against weather, debris, age, and therefore requires almost zero maintenance. Aluminum boats are superior than fiberglass or anything with gel coat (brittle and ages poorly), steel (heavy and significant maintenance), concrete (slow hull speeds) and wood (maintenance).  A properly designed and manufactured aluminum hull will provide you decades of low maintenance use.

Rod holders, hand rails and cleats are 100% welded using doubler plates. 

Paint is optional. Once painted using high quality polyurethane primers it becomes difficult to determine if the boat is fiberglass or aluminum.

The end result speaks for itself with beautiful lines, rugged uncompromising construction, smooth ride in rough water and efficiency unmatched. 

Xtaero boats live in the toughest waters in the world

Kodiak, Alaska

Homer, Alaska

Petersburg, Alaska

Valdez, Alaska

Wiring and plumbing are built to military and US Government quality standards. 

We use electrical engineering principles to calculate appropriate wire size throughout the boat.  This is based on AMP drop per foot and AMP requirements of each component.

Because of Xtaero’s unique supply chain and internal processes we can build a boat while having a great relationship with the customer during construction.

Made in USA

Tacoma, WA

Home is the toughest waters on Earth. 

All Xtaero's use cast aluminum cleats that are 10" and welded to doubler plates.

Ceiling reinforced with 2" x 1" channel with welded internal overhead hand rails.

The structure, bulkheads, compartments etc are welded and interconnected to create a very quiet and strong seaworthy vessel that is 'hell for stout' lasting decades.

All Xtaero Boat are made using a 'center vertical keel' in the center of the boat that is 3/8" thick and the surrounding structure is .250" thick with full height and full length girders for serious structure.

Thru hulls, rod holders and hand rails are all welded with doubler plates.

Xtaero is detail oriented down to the last weld inside the structure.  Here an Xtaero fabricator places a scupper trough around a fish box. 

In remote Alaska having an appropriate generator on a boat is key to survival because there are few marinas.  Here a custom generator locker compartment is built into the transom.


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Tacoma, WA

All aspects of the boat including the outboard bracket and kicker bracket are welded solid.  Including the steps made from .250" thick 6061T6 aluminum alloy channel.

We take pride in every detail of every boat.

The roof structure allows for standing or carrying gear up top.