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Aluminum Sport Fishing Boats

Inspiration for name "Xtaero Boats"

Home is the toughest waters on Earth. 

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Tacoma, WA

Pronounced 'ext-aero' is the name we created for these dominant sport fishing boats and represents the extreme airborne abilities of the Raven, who are recognized in every corner of the world for their ability to survive over water by scavenging for food and shelter in the most extreme environments.  Xtaero Boats are dominant offshore fishing boats and incredible saltwater fishing boats.

From the Alaska Department of Fish and Game: The spiritual importance of the raven to Alaska's Native people is still recognized. The Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, BellaBella, and Kwakiutl all viewed the raven as the creator of the world and bringer of daylight. The raven is also important in the creation of myths by the Eskimo. The myths of the raven remain a significant social and religious component of Alaska culture. 

Ravens have been central in many cultures folklore for thousands of years and are known to be highly intelligent with problem solving skills, including human speech.  Ravens are thought to be the only other vertebrates besides humans to have linguistic displacement; meaning the ability to refer in speech to displaced objects in time and space.
Ravens are long lived. Individuals in the Tower of London lived 40 years, with average lifespan being upwards of 20 years. They are prevalent in Western North America specifically the Pacific Ocean.

Ravens have been recorded at high altitudes such as Mt. Everest (20,600 feet) and they are known to hunt and survive unaided in any environment, loitering airborne for long periods of time.

Ravens mate monogamously for life.  We believe that the audacity and improvisation of the Raven are reflected in the multiple mission capability of the Xtaero.  It is tough, built to last, has a long range and once you experience an Xtaero it will be the last boat from which you would ever want to depart.

Our goal is to be 'the best' measured against other boats that try to do what we're doing.  This is an ambiguous measurement but if everyone who is introduced to the XTAERO doesn't say "Wow! That's an amazing boat!" then we will have failed.  
Like the Raven we are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this ultimate and worthwhile goal. 

The name XTAERO was created to fit this extreme quality, strength and resilience.