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Introducing the Xtaero Corax aluminum skiff platform available in 20' and 22' versions.  The Xtaero Corax is a uniquely high quality vessel from any vantage point.

The vessel begins as a fully developed hull design specifically with a precise 12.5 degree modified hull, where the bottom sheets have curvature left and right on either side of the keel and the hull shape is hydrodynamically develped all the way forward.  This means smooth handling.  The side walls are almost vertical where other similar boats have a dramatic flair lessening the boats stability and interior room.  Construction is frame and girder with a breast hook that bands the sole (floor) to the frames and girders and makes the structure extremely solid for longevity, low vibration and epic quality.  The boat was designed from scratch to be a superior vessel in the 20' and 22' lengths solving several real problems in aluminum boats.

a. large open deck capable of hauling lumber, plywood sheets, long timbers, etc.  Deck is 4.5' wide and 17' long between the seat boxes.  It can carry weight, and plane and perform with that weight noboard. 

Featuring welded drain plugs, welded zing brackets, welded doubler plates on engine bracket and welded hand rails. The 10" welded cleats and welded anchor pulpit make this vessel seriously rugged.

Xtaero sold out of the intro models!  Now offering the 22 or 20 Corax package as shown.

  • Choose Length of 22' or 20' with 12.5 degree dead rise and 24" freeboard above the waterline
  • Length with outboard 25'
  • Beam 80"
  • Beam at waterline 65.5"
  • Construction: frame and girder with Center Vertical Keel, breast hook.
  • Weight 600lbs boat only
  • Squared gunwales for mounting gear, sitting and working
  • Long gunwale shelves for rods and gear
  • Forward storage for gear
  • Heavy grade 3/4" deck sitting on full frame and girder construction

Price: $23,300

Bare Aluminum Only Price: $11,833 (No Paint, No Equipment, No Rigging)


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Made in USA

Tacoma, WA

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