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The helm is rigged to be easy to use.  Here the main throttle is flush mounted and the kicker controls are spaced perfectly to be in a stand-by position.  The engines share the same steering system using the more expensive cable tie bar method but this increases safety and lowers maintenance by a wide margin.

The Blue Sea battery switch and battery gauges are flush mounted at the helm for constant inspection.

The ACR (automatic charging relay) on this boat is in the transom with another BlueSea master battery switch to limit the wire runs up and back in the boat.

House systems are separate from engine cranking battery to limit risk of inadvertently draining a battery while loitering at sea.

The end result of all this investment in attention to detail and saltiness is a boat that gets it done in rough extreme environments, especially in Alaska where support and tools are few and far between and where your life depends on total reliability on the boat.

To learn more, contact builder Travis Brandt  907-342-2141  or email akinfo@xtaeroboats.com

Our decks are all welded and a continuous piece from cuddy bulkhead to the engine bracket.  This makes the boat very water tight. There aer self bailing troughs built into the fish box lids that go through waterways and drain overboard, not into the bilge.

Xtaero Boat transoms can be made to order as we offer multiple fully welded transom configurations including aft work stations and walk thru if desired.

Aft work stations also may include a sink and or bait tank, circulation pumps and drainage can be added to suite your needs. 

We take pride in doing things precisely, the 'aero' part of our name comes from the aviation industry and like any normal aggressive company we strive to improve our process, our supply chain matrix and internal production toward ISO 9000 standards.  We believe that your life depends on our ability to produce.  Here an Xtaero Boat is being inventoried prior to build where each part is inspected for defects.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” ~ John Ruskin

Internal Structure

Even though in many ways Xtaero is a leading edge company, our methods bring together structure elements that have been tested and used for many hundreds of years.  For example we use full length girders (4ea) plus full longitudinal stiffeners (6ea) and a 3/8" thick Center Vertical Keel (CVK) that rises up the transom and goes all the way forward rising up the bow through the enclosed anchor locker and into the base of the anchor pulpit.

Intersecting these girders and longitudinals is an old-school foundational 'breast hook' or 'breast plate' that acts to tie the entire structure of frames and girders together.   In addition to this epic structure, Xtaero features a unique anchor locker structure that creates an uninterrupted cross bow structural reinforcement that overlaps the CVK and because it is only inches above the breast hook all vibration typical of aluminum boats pounding into waves is eliminated.  Our wave penetration is something you have to experience to believe.  The end result is a hull that will last for many years of abuse keeping maintenance low and protecting your investment with a higher expected resale value years down the line.   Not to mention the vastly superior improvement in ride and no vibration.

The strength of the Xtaero is why it has very low noise and vibration.  This picture shows the bottom of the anchor locker (top of picture) and the chine meeting the Center Vertical Keel which ties in the Breast Hook.  You can also see the full height cross frames and the full height and full length girders rising above the lower longitudinal stiffeners. It's hell for stout.


Why Xtaero Aluminum Boats are called 'Hell For Stout' by our customers.

With an easy ingress and egress to the helm the boat is clean and efficient.  VHF radio is flush mounted and wired directly to the GPS plotter.  The Plotter is up center boat so everyone can see it especially when on the back deck and with a cabin full of people. The compass is center wheel for easy reference.  The switches and gauges are powerfully located to be easy to use, easy to maintain (change out during life of boat) and the construction method of the dash itself lends towards being completely replaced years down the line as new technology is available.

The custom floor is by SeaDeck and is made of rubberized teak so it can be scrubbed and maintained and even replaced.

Our decks are all welded aluminum and we have built in three sections of below deck removable storage boxes for a total of 105us gallons.  This is more than any other boat this size. 

Note: this is standard, but can be deleted if desired by the customer.

Cabin ergonomics are critical to comfort for multiple day trips out exploring in rough water.   A good offshore boat that allows you to work gear over the side needs a helm that can be easily worked while standing without hitting your head, and when operating solo. There is 6'4" of headroom at helm. A custom Bentley seat that bolsters, rotates and moves forward and aft is the perfect way to maximize ergonomics.

The cabin structure is unique in that the cabin wall is finished with sound deadening insulation and reinforcements to lower vibration and the air barrier acts as a wire way and plumbing area but insulates the air and sound from inside the cabin.


Xtaero Boats are finished using hand craftsmanship and our customers say our boats are 'overbuilt'  and 'hell for stout.'   We believe that a boat in Alaska must be well designed for the environment, built strong and all components and details must come together to protect your loved ones, life and investment. 

Wiring:  Tinned, Polar Wire UltraFlex in all locations except where ANCOR is used and we use plenty of anti-corrosion cual-gel.  Bus bars, fuses, circuit breakers and switching are BlueSea or Cole Hearsee.  Connectors: All wire connectors are heat shrink with adhessive and weld mount anchors are used throughout the boat for combing wires.

Fuel: We uses Trident fill hoses and high grade gas vent hoses, use only stainless hose clamps and double clamp everything on the boat.

Plumbing: Our water hoses are red tracer hoses and all stainless hose clamps and double clamps on all connections.

Xtaero builds to far exceed the ABYC and NMMA regulations.  heat shrink connectors and anti-corrosion cual-gel, all tied to marine grade (Blue Sea) bus bars. Each termination is heat shrink with adhesive wrapped and NMMA (National Marine Manufacturing Association) compliant.

Building a quality product is more expensive and time consuming than other boats, but still, Xtaero is affordable and a long term boat. 

If our history as builders has any bearing on our future, investing in an Xtaero Boat will provide you a hearty use value and low maintenance with small or no depreciation for resale year into the future. 

The entire boat is welded and structurally it is overbuilt by a wide margin.  Here you can see lifting dogs in the belly on top of a frame that houses the internal gas and water tanks up off the bottom plates.  This "H" frame is 1/4" thick and rests on 1/4" thick vertical stiffeners that tie into the transom and go all the way up to the breast hook (they are the two closes on either side of the CVK in the above picture.)

Notice the large area under each side of the transom, this is where overboard scuppers drain vertically overboard.

Notice in the belly of the boat, aft center, the CVK rises up the transom acting as a gusset inside the outboard assembly.  

Xtaero Boats is an Aluminum Boat Manufacturer dedicted to offshore performance that can crossover to lakes and rivers.   Xtaeros are semi custom aluminum boats and each boat is outfitted to customer order.

The beginning of each aluminum boat is a superior Hydrodynamic Design.

The Xtaero hull is a modified constant dead rise with a variable width chine flat and four large precision control strakes. This hull design is extremely close to fiberglass hull shapes and is considered a 'fully developed' shape meaning that the aluminum is shaped naturally into curvature that allows it to glide through the water smoothly and efficiently. 

A 'fully developed' surface results in a smooth riding, well balanced, stable and efficient hull form.  It is worth noting that a great deal many of all aluminum boats for civilian, light commercial and government use are not developed hydrodynamically, meaning that their hull shape is almost always the result of some other genealogy and rarely the initial driver of the design.  Most aluminum boats sold new into the sport fishing aluminum boat market are the result of modifying a river boat design using the least amount of engineering possible to make a boat.  Aluminum Boat dealerships are full of overpriced under designed and poorly performing hulls.

Background: Aluminum, the way boat builders need to use it, is smelted and rolled into large coils of various thicknesses and widths.  These coils are stockpiled in huge warehouses that serve the aluminum needs of American manufacturing.  The coils are unwrapped and flatted and cut into appropriately sized sheets then using large CNC machines of waterjet or mechanical bits boat pieces are cut to size and packaged for assembly.

These flat sheets are why most aluminum boat designs are the result of two dimensional desigsn that work great for lakes and rivers but because of the thick gauge and heavy nature of the parts, boat builders haven't evolved to complex shapes the same way the automobile and aviation industry evolved.  

Xtaero Boats is committed to making fully developed aluminum boats using complex shapes.  This requires greater precision in the design, cutting and building phases.  The end result is a boat with beautiful lines, dramatically superior in-water performance and longevity of hull integrity that is being called 'Hell for stout' by the people lucky enough to be owners of Xtaero Boats

Our close attention to balance, center of pressure and varying speeds, including when the boat is at rest which is particularly important while drifting in the ocean swells and wind driven sea waves.  You will be amazed at the stability.

On all XT24DV and XT28DV vessels:

Hull Bottom: 1/4" thick 5086H116  (unless 3/16" ordered)

Hull Sides:    3/16" unless 5/32" ordered

Keel:         3/8" thick 5052H32

Deadrise:     XT22DV = 20 degree / XT24DV = 20 degree

Reverse chines are derived through construction technique making the boat dry.

Xtaero Boats hull shape is precisely formed in large tooling jigs that do not assert much pressure while shaping the aluminum.

Each boat is constructed using precision that would be extremely expensive were it not for our aviation style thinking and applying it to complex metal parts.

Xtaero Boats, aluminum boats


Home is the toughest waters on Earth. 

Xtaero Boats are semi custom and built to order. 

Nomenclature broken down:
     22 or 24 or 28 = hull design designator
     DV=Deep Vee

Beginning with the end in mind, Xtaero builds hand crafted quality into each vessel with care and attention to detail.  From initial design, to welding, electrical and plumbing Xtaero exceeds all known guidelines by ABYC and NMMA.  

Precision in design can be seen in that the beam is slightly narrower at the transom than the mid section and that the vertical side plates contain an ever-so-slight twist that is noticeable when viewed back-to-front at the sheer level.

These subtleties are why the Xtaero performs so well and why Xtaeros are known for quality.  Our customers in Alaska love the ride, ergonomics and overall quality. 

Each model can be built with regular cabin or long cabin, forward leaning or backward leaning windshield, open cabin back or Alaskan style closed cabin bulkhead, single or twin outboards, and a full compliment of custom outfitting items.   As well as window orientation, single or twin outboard, open or closed cabin back. 

Boat Specs:

Bottom: 1/4" thick standard (always 5086H116)

Sides: 3/16" thick standard

Chine: 1/4" thick, variable width, reverse

CVK (Internal Keel): 3/8" thick, full length


22' weighs approx 5,000 with engine and trailer

24' weighs approx 7,000 with engine and trailer

28' weighs approx 9,000 with engine and trailer